SWVPC - Combi boiler

2 in 1 cylider with "Double coil"

The „all in one” combi boiler is one of the most advanced technologies for heating and cooling rooms. It combines a DHW cylinder and a buffer tank that supports these processes, providing increased energy efficiency. In addition, the tank has a „Double Coil” double coil with an area of ​​2.7 m2, which provides additional efficiency of ​​heat exchange. Take advantage of the modern solution of the „all in one” combi boiler and enjoy high performance while saving energy!

Main advantages

  • Special design two coils connected with a collector provide a large flow and heating surface, ensuring the highest efficiency of the pump,
  • capacity 235 l. DHW,
  • 60 l. buffer,
  • Efficiency and compactness in one. Compact design allows for simplified installation in small or poorly arranged rooms, and capacity
  • provides comfort of hot water even for a 4person family,
  • reinforced ABS housing is durable and protects the tank from mechanical damage, and the material does not age during longterm use,
  • possibility to connect an electric heater to c.w.u. and to buffer.

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SWPC - DHW cylinder

DHW cylinder with the largest heating surface. Very large coil area is ideally suited for cooperation with a heat pump. Thanks to advanced production technology, you will get a device of the highest quality. The DHW cylinder has the possibility of mounting an electric heater.

Main advantages

  • The capacity of 305 liters is optimal for a 5-6 person family.
  • The special design in the form of two coils connected by a collector provides a large flow and a heating surface of 4.22 m². This guarantees the highest efficiency of the pump operation.
  • It is possible to connect 1 or 2 additional electric heaters.

SVK - buffer tank

SVK – buffert tank is the perfect device for cooperation with a heat pump and is renowned for its exceptional energy efficiency, marked with class A. Additionally, its upwards facing connections make installation easy, allowing ideal connection with the heat pump’s internal unit or electric boiler. Thanks to SVK bufor, you can enjoy efficient operation in either a heating or heating/cooling system.

Main advantages

  • Energy class A very good thermal insulation,
  • Heat and cold accumulation in heating and cooling mode,
  • Capacity of 104 liters,
  • Easy installation upward facing connection fittings,
  • Possible installation under the internal unit of the heat pump, 
  • Extension of the reliable operation time of the heat pump,
  • Support of thedefrost function without the need to draw power from the heating circuits,
  • Ensuring optimal system operation, 
  • Possibility to connect an electric heater,

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