Electric boiler

A boiler with weather compensation control capable of interacting with the central heating system and the hot-water heat exchanger, equipped with a circulating pump and a 5L diaphragm expansion vessel

  • Electric boiler with weather
  • Compensation control
    wide power range from 2kW to 24kW
  • Built-in circulating pump
  • Interaction with any central heating system and hot-water heat cylinder


Electric boiler

High-power electric boilers capable of interacting with the central heating system and a hot-water heat exchanger.

  • EKCO.T – High-power electric boiler capable of interacting with the central heating system and a hot-water heat exchanger.
  • EKCO.TM – High-power weather compensation control boiler enabling interaction with one or two central heating circuits and a hot-water heat exchanger.
  • high power range from 30 to 48kW/power supply 400V
  • possibility of using cascade connections, in such a case the EKCO.TM (master) boiler and the EKCO.T (slave) boilers should be used


Electric boiler

Combi boiler for central heating and domestic hot water

Central Heating Electric boiler with weather copensation

  • Automatic modulation of the heater power depending on the temporary heat demand in heated rooms
  • Electronic control panel
  • Water temperature control in the central heating circuit in the range of 20-85oC
  • Cooperation with any central heating installation
  • Expansion vessel with a capacity of 6 L
  • Possibility to connect power and signal cables from the top and rear of the device
  • Outside temperature sensor


  • Electronic control ensures precise temperature regulation
  • Possibility to set the temperature in the range of 30-60oC with an accuracy of 1oC
  • While providing D.H.W – energy class A
  • Preview of inlet and outlet water temperature, flow rate and currently selected power
  • Possibility to reheat pre-heated water – supply water temperature max. up to 60oC

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