A new direction

of challenges #ISH23

The ISH trade fair is an inspiration for Kospel to present the brand in a new, refreshed version. As a manufacturer of heating systems, we are a participant in the great transformation of the industry. We have a massive responsibility to provide solutions that are economically accessible to a wide range of customers and at the same time neutral to the environment. ISH, through 'Solutions for a sustainable future’, demonstrates an industry commitment that we hold extremely close to our hearts and minds.

The Kospel team took advantage of the time that passed since the last stationary event to profile the Kospel brand. We create our products with the idea that they will last for many years to provide safe and comfortable climate at ones home. I can’t imagine a better place to showcase Kospel’s future technology. We are proud to present our competitive air to water heat pump range with the premiere indoor unit. We have also put a lot of thought and attention into preparing an easy to use energy saving tool. And it’s just some of the surprises which we prepare for you. 

We look forward to seeing you on the ISH platform, where we will exchange our knowledge and experience, from 13th-17th of March 2023.

Let’s meet on ISH!


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